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Professional Development Conferences

The College of Continuing Education partners with industry, associations, and organizations across the country to bring you high-quality professional development opportunities to keep you up to date and to fulfill your continuing education requirements in a variety of professions.

Professional Development Conference Listing

Professional Development Conferences

2013 International Low Impact Development Symposium
The 2013 International Low Impact Development (LID) Symposium is being hosted in the Midwestern United States through a collaborative effort between many states, universities, and organizations. From the Great Lakes to the Mississippi Watershed, every state in the Midwestern United States is addressing urban water quality issues from combined sewer overflows to stormwater runoff. The 2013 International LID Symposium will bring together over 1,000 professionals to share their research, implementation, policy, financing, and education strategies to build and restore cities while protecting our environment.

National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms
The 2013 National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms (NF-ALC) at the University of Minnesota focuses on advancing practice and research on active learning classroom spaces. The NF-ALC will feature new session formats (see the Proposal Guidelines) designed to provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate innovative practices and research that leverage the advantages of technology-enhanced learning spaces and active learning pedagogies.

Engineering Conferences

Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course
This course includes information on air pollution, industrial hygiene, and nanoparticle technology, as well as aerosol sampling and measurement for bioaerosol, cleanroom, and contamination control. It covers both fundamentals and applications to meet the growing demand of professionals for training in the aerosol field.

Bioaerosol Measurement Short Course
The objective of this course is to provide information and hands-on training for individuals who are interested in bioaerosol measurement instrumentation, protocols, capabilities, and limitations in both laboratory and field settings.

City Engineers Association of Minnesota Annual Conference
This conference is an annual educational opportunity for city engineers to maintain their professional development.

Coating Process Fundamentals Short Course
This course provides coating engineers and their co-workers with an understanding of the principles of the many processes by which liquid coatings are applied and solidified.

Concrete Conference
This professional development program is for engineers, contractors, architects, consultants, educators, and engineering students.

Transportation Research Conference
This conference acts as a forum for researchers and practitioners to share their research findings in a variety of transportation-related areas, including safety and traffic flow, infrastructure, economy, and planning and the environment.

Freight and Logistics Symposium
This symposium is designed for shippers, carriers, and other private sector organizations involved in logistics and transportation.

Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design
Workshop helps supervisory personnel and operators better understand the materials, techniques, and equipment needed for maintaining gravel roads, and review new techniques and ideas in gravel road maintenance.

Minnesota County Engineers Association Annual Conference
This conference is an annual education opportunity for county engineers to maintain their professional competency.

Minnesota Power Systems Conference
This conference provides electric utility engineers and consultants the opportunity to stay abreast of today’s power system technology. The conference emphasizes the unique challenges faced by electric utilities in the Midwest.

Water Resources Conference
Presents innovative and practical water resource management techniques and research highlights about Minnesota’s water resources.

Minnesota Terra Pavement Conference
Present information to practitioners and others in pavement design, construction, and maintenance.

Reforming Electric Energy Systems Curriculum Workshop
This workshop focuses on reforming the electric energy systems curriculum to be forward-looking with an emphasis on renewables/storage, smart delivery, and efficient end-use.

Structural Engineering Seminar Series
The series addresses specific structural issues, principles, and concerns in the design and construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Toward Zero Deaths
This conference provides a forum to share information on best practices in engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency medical and trauma care, and to identify new approaches to reducing the number of traffic fatalities and life-changing injuries on Minnesota roads.

Truck Weight Compliance Program
The program promotes voluntary compliance to significantly reduce damage to public roads and highways-and the resulting repairs and expense-due to overweight vehicles.

Government / Public Policy Conferences

Annual Institute for Building Officials
The Annual Institute for Building Officials provides a continuing education opportunity for code officials and inspectors from the building, electrical, fire, housing, mechanical, and plumbing fields as well as permit technicians and elevator professionals.

APWA MN Chapter Fall Workshop and Conference
The Workshop segment of this annual professional development opportunity is designed for public works operations people. The Conference portion offers an update over a broad range of current public works activities for supervisors, superintendents, and managers.

APWA MN Chapter Spring Conference
This annual professional development conference is for public works managers and superintendents.

Annual Conference on Policy Analysis
The conference provides an opportunity for analysts and policy makers to explore timely topics that reflect the importance of analysis in creating partnerships and formulating public policy decisions in government.

Annual Minnesota County Highway Accountants Association Conference
Sponsored by the Minnesota County Highway Accountants Association under the general direction of the Minnesota County Engineers Association, the program provides an excellent opportunity for all county highway accountants to obtain current information and share ideas about important dimensions of work in the field.

National Seminar on Government Contracts
This program is designed for contract professionals, lawyers, accountants, price analysts, government property managers, and other representatives of business, industry, and government interested in various aspects of government contracts.

Health Conferences

Radon Courses for Professionals
These programs provide training on health risks posed by radon and demonstrate methods of radon measurement and mitigation in residential, educational, and other environments.

Agriculture and the Environment Conferences

Annual Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course
This is a two-day course for everyone involved in urban forestry and arboriculture.

Turfgrass Pathology Online Course
The Turfgrass Pathology Online Course is a continuing education course for turfgrass managers that deal with turfgrass pathology problems.


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