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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When are applications due?
The application deadline for the on-campus PSEO program is April 1 each year. Late applications will be reviewed on a space-available basis. If space is available, late applicants may be admitted from a waiting list for fall or spring semester.

Visit the Admission page for more information.

How do I register for classes at the University of Minnesota through PSEO?
All registrations must be processed through the AHS3 office. You meet with an adviser each semester for a pre-registration appointment to approve courses, then register during the registration queue based on cumulative credits. The AHS3 office monitors all registrations.

Who is eligible for PSEO?
Juniors and seniors in Minnesota public, private, home, and charter schools are eligible to register for post-secondary course work, with tuition and books paid for by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Can non-PSEO pre-college age students register through AHS3?
Unfortunately, the AHS3 office is not accepting students who have not been admitted to the PSEO program at this time. However, you can register for University courses with a self-pay option, which gives you all of the options and obligations of regular University students. Start by scheduling an appointment with a College of Continuing Education non-degree-seeking-student adviser by calling 612-624-4000.

How will I know which and how many classes I can take?
You can register for the same level of course work as if you were college freshmen (i.e., introductory or 1xxx-level courses). Students often take courses to fulfill their high school graduation requirements, with English and social studies courses being the most popular. You will work closely with advisers in the AHS3 office and your high school counselors to make sure you're taking appropriate classes.

Some departments limit class sizes. Review the PSEO restricted course list for more information. In addition:

  • As your high school credit load is reduced, more university credits may be allowed.
    A typical full-time college student takes four to five courses (12-15 credits) per semester.
  • All college credit earned will appear not only on your high school record, but also on a permanent University of Minnesota record or transcript.
  • These credits transfer according to the rules of the college they will be transferred to.

Do non-native English speakers need to take language placement tests?
If you are a non-native English speaker who has been in the country fewer than five years, you must take the MELAB or TOEFL test. Note: If you are planning to attend the University of Minnesota after high school graduation, the MELAB or TOEFL will be required if you have been in the country fewer than seven years.


  • Scores of 18 on the Reading and English portions of the ACT or a verbal score of 430 or higher on the SAT are acceptable replacements for the MELAB.
  • PSEO does not cover the costs of language tests of any kind.
  • Please do not request that the testing agency send your results to the University of Minnesota. We will accept a photocopy of your results.

Do I need to supply standardized test scores for admission to PSEO?
You must submit scores from the ACT, PLAN, SAT, or PSAT if you have:

  • Been home-schooled for the last year or longer
  • Have narrative transcripts lacking letter grades

PSEO does not cover the cost of these tests. Please contact a guidance counselor at your local high school for more information about how to register for one of these tests.

Can I live on campus?
Beginning fall 2012, University housing is not available to PSEO students.

What does PSEO pay for?
PSEO pays for tuition, required books, and consumable course supplies.

How can I get a tour of the campus?
You can contact the Admissions Office at 612-625-0000 to arrange either a walking tour or a virtual tour of the Twin Cities campus. Or visit:

Where can I park?
Visit the Parking and Transportation Services or call them at 612-626-7275 to:

  • Request a parking map or parking advice
  • Participate in a contract parking lottery
  • Obtain facts about busing, biking, and carpooling to campus

Can I get a U of M ID card?
ID cards, also known as "U Cards," are available to PSEO students free of charge for the first card. You will get instructions on how to get your card during your advising appointment.

Is it true that I will get an e-mail account?
Yes, all students receive an e-mail account and the computer lab attendants can instruct you on how to use e-mail. For more information, visit the computer information Web page.

More questions?
If you have any other questions, please call 612-626-1666 or e-mail us at ccepseoa@umn.edu.

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