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The Advanced High School Student Services Office administers two types of PSEO programs: one on the Twin Cities campus and one through Online and Distance Learning. The two programs have different application procedures and admission requirements. Both programs require a high level of independent work.

PSEO on Campus

Admission to the PSEO program is highly competitive, and applications are required. Admission to the program does not guarantee registration, but students may defer enrollment for one semester without needing to reapply to the program. The application deadline is April 1 each year. New instructions will be posted under “Application Process” below at the beginning of February. Be sure to read all of the information carefully to ensure the proper submission of application materials.

Due to the competitive nature of the UMTC PSEO Program, we encourage students to apply to multiple PSEO programs. Admission into one or more programs may also help in getting registered for classes with restricted registration, or provide options for students with complex scheduling needs.

University housing is no longer available for PSEO students.

Admission Criteria

The Admission Criteria for acceptance into the University PSEO Program are evaluated on a holistic basis. While high school GPA and class rank are key criteria for acceptance into the University PSEO program, decisions are based on multiple factors related to your overall readiness for college. Space is limited to 500 new students each year, and students meeting all criteria are not guaranteed admission to the program.

Primary Considerations

  • Strong GPA (the average admit GPA is 3.9)
  • Successful completion of rigorous course work (honors, college prep, AP, CIS, etc.) when available
  • Writing samples

Secondary Considerations

  • Grade trends
  • Additional test scores
  • Readiness for college

Information Sessions

PSEO information sessions are held each spring for the upcoming academic year.

  • Sessions cover application procedures and key considerations for prospective students.
  • Attendance is not mandatory but is highly encouraged.

Application Process

The Application Deadline for on-campus PSEO enrollment for Fall 2014 was April 1, 2014. We can no longer accept any late applications.

The PSEO program at the University does not admit new students for the spring semester, but other Minnesota PSEO programs may admit students. Visit the Minnesota Department of Education's PSEO website to find information on other participating colleges.

University Honors Program

Honors courses at the University of Minnesota are administered through the University Honors Program. Admission to these courses is rarely approved. Students should not assume that honors courses will be available.

School of Music

If you're interested in taking music lessons and performing in ensembles at the University of Minnesota, you must also apply to the School of Music. Please visit the School of Music's website for information on the application and audition process. You must be admitted to both the PSEO program and the School of Music. Admission to the School of Music does not guarantee admission to the PSEO program.

Online and Distance Learning (ODL) Courses

For Potential Applicants

Credits earned through ODL courses are semester credits equivalent to credits earned on campus. PSEO covers tuition and required course materials for ODL courses. Students are responsible for learning course content on their own, with relatively little assistance from instructors, and no contact with other students in the course.

Application to ODL courses is a different process from the on-campus program. While PSEO students admitted for on-campus coursework are permitted to supplement such classes with one ODL class, students who apply and are admitted just for ODL must apply separately for on-campus coursework and should refer to the PSEO on-campus admissions information above for further details.

For the answers to many questions you may have about taking an ODL class through PSEO (including questions about our application, class selection, class format, and many of the logistics of ODL), please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

More information about choosing an ODL course can be found in the ODL Student Handbook. This handbook is intended primarily for students who have been admitted, however, potential applicants may find pieces of it useful as well.

Application and Registration Guidelines

Application Materials

ODL applications are accepted through January 1. The application is complex and requires many different pieces both from you and your high school. The first step is to closely read the Application Instructions. This goes into great detail about all of the application's required and recommended elements. If you have any questions about the instructions, always feel free to contact our office.

We also have a current list of available ODL courses most commonly taken by PSEO students. Note that the U of M has significantly pared back the number of extended-term ODL courses, and so this list may be shorter than prior lists.

Application Deadlines

  • Applications are accepted from July 1 – January 1 of each year.
  • ODL applications are due by the first day of the month prior to the month in which you wish to begin an ODL course (e.g., applications for courses beginning September 15 are due by August 1), but it is strongly encouraged applicants for term-based classes submit applications earlier than this deadline.
  • All application deadlines are postmark deadlines.

If you have any further questions about the PSEO program, always feel free to contact us.


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