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52nd Annual Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course
March 18-19, 2014
Bethel University, Arden Hills

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The 2014 Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course: It’s about Preservation.

“It takes a century to grow a 100 year old tree.”
Beloved bumper sticker.

“Preservation,” incites thoughts of protecting trees from the wrath of construction and development projects. The 2014 Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course will expand on preservation to include not only saving those at-risk trees, but municipal budgets and support for tree care and urban forest programs, preserving and building private tree care companies, keeping good personnel and nurturing even better ones, preserving and improving the health of humans, bees, and trees.

“It takes 10 years to grow a tree and 100 years to educate a person.”
An oft misinterpreted Chinese proverb.

Although the profession of urban forestry has only been named as such for about a century, its origins go back to the New England states in the mid- to late- 1800’s, beginning with the first ordinances and municipal urban foresters, aka, tree wardens. Not too dissimilar from Minnesota’s current Certified Tree Inspectors. As with those states’ tree warden programs, the Minnesota Tree Inspector program has been challenged over the past few decades, yet has continued to grow and become even more professionalized through public support and continued education.

Arboriculture has a much longer history, dating back many centuries and cultures. Most of our current practices that develop, cultivate, and care for landscape trees, shrubs, and woody vines can be traced back to far more than 100 years of education. In the early 1700’s, John Evelyn, the noted English horticulturist, noted that one of the surest ways to kill a tree was to plant it too deep. Three hundred years later, horticulturists are still researching whether deep planting is harmful to tree health.

“The greatest oaks have been little acorns.”
Thomas Fuller, 1732

Whether we’re nurturing young trees in the nursery or mature elms in the boulevards, new employees or the faithful current, new companies or storied urban forestry programs, they all had a beginning and it is in our best interest to preserve them. With six diverse general sessions, over 35 concurrent sessions and a head-spinning educational exhibit area, the annual Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course is your chance to grow, nurture and preserve. Join us again in 2014…you won’t be disappointed.

Gary Johnson
Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course, Chairperson

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Certification and Credit for the Shade Tree Short Course

Certified tree inspectors will be recertified by attending the entire short course. ISA CEUs will be given for most sessions.

Program Partners

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, University of Minnesota
Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota
Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Minnesota Society of Arboriculture
Minnesota Tree Care Advisor Program
University of Minnesota Extension

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