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Get Started

To get started, click on the statement in the column below that best represents what you want to do.

Earn a Degree or Certificate

That I can design myself

You can make the most of the University by creating a bachelor's or master's degree based on your unique interests. And with some programs, you can incorporate life and work experience into your degree.

After being out of school for a while

CCE degree and certificate programs are designed for the returning learner. We will work with you to find the right fit and then support you as you earn your credential.

To which I can transfer my previous college credits

If you have previously enrolled in courses for college credit after graduating from high school and wish to attend the University, you are considered a transfer student. Often, your previously completed college credits can be transferred into a degree program at the U of M.

By taking evening or summer courses

Many University of Minnesota courses are available in the evening and during the summer to both admitted U of M students and non-admitted students.

By taking online or distance courses

You can earn a degree or certificate online or use online courses to help complete your degree.

To build my skills in a specific profession

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program offers degrees that combine technical and management skills. Or, consider a certificate program as an efficient way to gain expertise in a specific area.

Take a Course or Workshop

For intellectual or personal enrichment
For career development or to prepare for a certification exam
To fulfill prerequisites or finish a degree
Online or at a distance

Take University of Minnesota courses from the convenience of your home to more efficiently complete a degree or certificate or to add to your expertise.

In the evening or over the summer
As a visiting or non-admitted student

Transfer credits from another institution and earn your degree from the U of M. Or take courses at the U of M to transfer to another institution.

As a high school student

Get a start on college course work by taking University of Minnesota courses on campus or in your high school.

Attend an Event or Conference

For intellectual or personal enrichment

Pursue your passion for learning with stimulating events that expand your mind and connect you with other lifelong learners.

For career development

Keep up to speed in your field through conferences.

To learn more about CCE programs

Talk to CCE staff and advisers to answer you specific questions.

Develop Professional Skills

By taking short, career development courses

Developing yourself professionally keeps you on top your game with hundreds of course titles.

By earning a certificate or professional degree

Certificates are an efficient way to obtain expertise in a specific area. Depending on your situation, you may opt for a certificate that follows the traditional academic calendar or a professional development certificate comprised of short courses. Or consider a bachelors degree aligned with the needs of a specific profession.

By attending conferences

Keep up to speed in your field through conferences.

By enhancing my English skills

Learn for Personal Enjoyment

Through short courses

Pursue your passion for learning with stimulating courses and workshops that expand your mind and connect you with other lifelong learners.

Through lectures and events

Pursue your passion for learning with stimulating events that expand your mind and connect you with other lifelong learners.

By connecting with other lifelong learners

Join in the discussion and with others who believe that life just keeps getting more interesting.

Educate or Train the Employees in my Organization

Through courses

CCE has a robust portfolio of short courses available for your employees. Or, you might want to tailor a course to your organizational needs and hold it on site.

Through conferences

Professional conferences are a great way to ensure that your employees keep current on the latest trends in their field and your industry.

Through certificate programs

Certificate programs are an efficient way to build the skills and expertise in a specific area. CCE offers undergraduate and graduate certificates as well as professional development certificates that can be tailored and brought on site.

Through degree programs
And plan a conference or event

If you are looking to plan a conference or event, CCE has the conference planning and administrative expertise to help ensure your event is a success.

And find meeting and event facilities

The Continuing Education and Conference Center on the U of M's beautiful St. Paul campus provides a professional learning environment at an economical price.

Find Help in Figuring out What my Needs Are

College of Continuing Education resources

Do you need help determining your path? Click contact us below for information on how to reach a CCE Learner Representative.

University of Minnesota resources

The University has myriad opportunities to help you meet your educational goals.

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